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Numu Consulting develops Pro Forma Financial Statements which are required as part of any financing or investment plan and an important part of your business plan. This includes: Income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and working with business budgets.


Pro Forma Statements are your Financial Statements for the future.  They are a required part of any Financing or Investment plan, and a powerful component of your Business Plan.

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The basic Pro Forma Statements include:

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement

What we offer:
If you already have a budget, great! We will help you compile the information into professional Pro Forma Statements.

If you are still working on your budget, we can provide you with our comprehensive budgeting tools and insightful advice to make sure your plan and estimates are as good as they can get. We will use this information to prepare your professional Pro Forma Statements.

Who benefits?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to start a business
  • New business owners who don't have Pro Forma Statements yet.
  • New business owners looking for additional investment and need Pro Forma Statements.
Numu Consulting designs professional financial reports and presentations and works with you to understand your target audience for your business. This is great for businesses requiring management reports to support effective business decision-making.

reports & presentations

From time to time we all need to communicate important information to managers, partners, investors, and other interested parties.  We live in the Information Age, after all.

Putting together meaningful analysis and results into professionally designed reports and presentations is key to reaching your audience, and it's something we're really good at.

If you want to put your best foot forward in that next proposal, or management needs better information to make informed decisions, we can deliver reports and presentations to wow them all.

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What we do:
Professional design of reports and presentations. We will work with you to understand your target audience and deliver results to make sure you succeed.

We can also help you with professional business writing and the design of professional graphics to include in your report or presentation.

Who benefits?

  • Anyone requiring help in designing professional reports and presentations.
  • Businesses requiring management reports to support effective decision-making.
Numu Consulting can help with complex financial business transactions for businesses of all sizes.

Complex Transactions

We're pretty smart with the financial stuff, so if you have a complex transaction that you need assistance with, we can probably help.  Shoot us an email to see if this is something we're equipped to help you with.

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What we offer:
We will work with you to figure out the complex parameters of the transaction and the appropriate accounting treatment (in line with accounting standards).

Who benefits?
Anyone with a complex transaction conundrum.

Numu Consulting assists with business consolidation, subsidiaries and more in the corporate world. We design, automate and simplify the consolidation process. This is great for businesses looking to acquire/set up a subsidiary or need assistance with the consolidation process.


Consolidating the books for multiple companies/subsidiaries can be challenging.  There are a lot of moving parts and you can often find yourself dealing with outputs from more than one accounting system.

+ what we do

We can make your life easier by providing solutions that will automate much of the consolidation process. This reduces the number of headaches for you and improves the accuracy of the consolidation process.

What we offer:
We will work with you to fully understand your corporate environment and needs for consolidation. From there we will design tools to automate and simplify the consolidation process and ensure that consolidation is occurring in line with accounting standards.

Who benefits?
Businesses who want to upgrade their current consolidation process. Businesses looking to acquire/set up a subsidiary and need assistance building the consolidation process.